OMS’ “Lunchtime Invasions” (26-27/03/2009)


“Lunchtime Invasions” was a live performance cum flea market bazaar organised by the NUS Original Music Society (OMS). I contributed my services as a creative designer, photographer and a liaison for the musicians who performed at the event. The two-day event was meant as the  headliner event for OMS that semester, so we invested pretty heavily in terms of time, planning and budget.

Concept-wise, things really clicked when the ex-army boys among us decided to have militaristic imagery as our main design theme. The faux-war elements blend well with rock and roll, we hoped that the local male population would appreciate the subversion and that the rest would be bemused enough to want to find out more about the show.


To pique general interest way before the event, teaser posters were planned to be pasted around campus; we had way too much fun during the photoshoot! And the resulting posters weren’t half bad either:


The event itself went well. Sure we had hits, misses and many more near-misses. The event itself almost got cancelled on the first day due to EIGHT separate (and increasingly angry) complains for excessive noise!


Working as part of a team that consisted entirely of student volunteers, I am proud of what we accomplished.


For more photos, view my flickr set:

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