Grimbergen & Somersby Booth @ Savour 2012

Carlsberg was at Savour 2012 with a booth promoting two alcoholic products which have been recently introduced in Singapore, Grimbergen and Somersby
Grimbergen consists of a group of Belgian beers which has their origins as being first brewed at Belgian abbeys. The varieties are: Blond, Dubbel (brown), Tripel (blond), Optimo Bruno (brown) and Grimbergen Gold (blond).

The Grimbergen side of the booth took some time to warm up. probably due to our Asian cultural attitudes towards drinking in the day, but after noon-time the crowd gradually came in.
Somersby is an apple cider which proudly proclaims that it has “no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings”.
The wholesome, fruity flavour image of the cider made it very popular with the visitors. Both sampling and sales were brisk.

For more images, visit my Flickr photo set:


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