Highlights: Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012

I covered the Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2012 on behalf of Plushasia.com and it was a 5 days galore of men’s fashion and style.
Out of all the fashion designers’ collections presented, the following 3 get special mention from me for a combination of fantastic design and stylish presentation.


The atmosphere created by the choice of softened veiled lighting and ambient new age music complemented the look of Factotum’s current collection. The calm pensive mood on the runway made appreciation for the subtle and understated detail which designer Koji Udo infused into each of his outfits that much easier.


Korean designer Kang D. has garnered a respected reputation for his designs that emphasise sharp tailoring and his affinity for classic menswear items such as vests and blazer as staple for his collections. Yet how he chose to present his collection at MFW2012 was a most cheeky but pleasant surprise.
The entire collection presentation was themed as a quirky, yet hip homage to Charlie Chaplin’s “Tramp” character, and the models for D.Knag seemed to be more relaxed than usual and actually having fun as they monkeyed and mugged for the cameras on the runway.

The show somehow maintained a balance between being both light-hearted yet stylishly edgy at the same time, as the sharp dressing of the entire ensemble saved the day. At the end of the show, I thought of the whole presentation as being less Tramp, more Jude Law’s Dr. Watson in “Sherlock Holmes”.


I was admittedly confused initially when female models started appearing during Reckless Ericka’s collection, but I was thoroughly impressed once I grasped an idea of what designers Afton Chen and Louis Koh had in mind.
Reckless Ericka’s runway show was a visually powerful statement of the androgynous, almost gender-blind look which the label seeks to define as its unique signature. With energetic indie-pop music as the soundtrack, it is hard to miss the exuberant, youthful, anything-is-possible energy surrounding the entire show. I have great hopes for both Reckless Ericka and her Singaporean mastermind duo in the not-so-far future.

See more fashion runway highlights from Men’s Fashion Week SG 2012 at my Flickr photoset:


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