Highlights: Audi Fashion Festival 2012


I covered the 2012 Audi Fashion Festival (AFF 2012) on behalf of Plushasia.com .

That very week was packed with several fashion shows at the AFF 2o12 tentage, with the Blueprint fashion tradeshow happening at the same time. Shuttling between the two event venues, it was pretty hectic … but truly fantastic too!

I did not cover the entire AFF2012 as I was assigned elsewhere in between, which was a great pity as I was very keen on attending the Singapore Designer Showcase and the Parco next NEXT fashion show.

However, I enjoyed other great fashion collection showcases, among them the Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, the Zac Posen Fall/Winter Showcase, and of local designers Max Tan, Mae Pang and Dzojchen’s recent work.

The fashion was not confined to the walkway…

See more fashion runway highlights from Audi Fashion Festival 2012 at my Flickr photoset:


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