Street Style with (Feb 2012)

Check out my street fashion photos for herworldPLUS for February 2012 at:

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Chocolate & Prosecco Sampling Session @ Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery (16 Feb 2012)

I was recently engaged to cover a fine wine & chocolate sampling session at the Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery.
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Street Style with (Jan 2012)

Three months (and counting) as a freelance street fashion photographer for herworldPLUS has been a refreshing experience.
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Dash Berlin @ ZOUK (23 Jan 2012)

Dash Berlin stopped by in Singapore again to drop a great set of hard hitting trance. What better way to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a great night of music?
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Porsche Carrera 911 (991) Launch @ Ritz Carlton (12 Jan 2012)

On 12th Jan 2012, Porsche unveiled the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S at the Ritz Carlton Singapore.
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Hong Kong 1st July March

The 1st July marches is an annual event in Hong Kong attended by a myriad of group ranging from political activists to private individuals.
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Women’s Fashion Week “Winter Ball” Closing Gala

The inaugural 2011 Singapore Women’s Fashion Week came to a glitzy starry close with a “Winter Ball” theme closing party.

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“The Guild by Grey Goose” Fashion Show

I was assigned by AsiaOne (Plush) to cover “The Guild by Grey Goose”, a fashion show by premier vodka label Grey Goose.
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Singapore General Elections 2011

I was assigned by MyPaper to cover the Singapore General Elections in 2011 during the final week before polls (28th Apr – 08th May 2011), from daily campaigning trips to press conferences, right up to the night when polling results were announced and the victory celebrations the day after.

It was truly a privilege for me to be among those documenting this historical event, and to have had an upclose seat to a defining moment in Singaporean history.
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Hello world!

This marks the day I created this photography blog.

After talking about it for the longest time, its good to finally make some headway and get started. If you happened to pop in by chance or some odd coincidence, things are going to be quite messy for a while as I do some tinkering and troubleshooting (still new to WordPress!).

Now for some technicalities. For the sake of documentation purposes, some entries maybe backlogged to before this date (18th May 2011)